Willamette Week: Celebrate Father’s Day with pot

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


It is a sign that Oregonians are fully embracing marijuana as our new State flower, as seen with the Willamette Week article suggesting you celebrate Father’s Day with a host of marijuana gift ideas and other similar items.

The article suggested links leads you to a site selling a more “modern” pipe for fathers.

This article comes a few weeks after the Secretary of State issued a new report calling upon Oregon to do more to promote the marijuana industry.  The government report presses lawmakers to make Oregon the number one marijuana state in America.

In Portland, the Mayor used millions of City tax dollars to award private pot shops as economic development funds — these funds were not available to other businesses to apply.  Interesting since during the pandemic, many businesses like restaurants were not allowed to remain open while pot shops and liquor stores were.

Other smoking products, like cigarette and vaping, are slowly being outlawed in Oregon as Counties (Multnomah, Washington) ban flavored products — which is most when it comes to vaping.

Oregon is in this weird zone where they are aggressively outlawing some legal products while dumping tax dollars and building a golden road for other select products.

It is as if liberal leaders like this particular legal product at a given moment and government will be used to boost it, and then the same liberal leaders won’t like this other legal product as much and that disfavored product gets to be either banned or over-regulated into near extinction.  What ever happened to a society that lets the public decide what products they prefer or dislike?    This is the problem of having a big government involved at all levels of our lives and a liberal leadership to pick their favorites/dislikes of the day.

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