Lars Larson: A string of Gov’t failures

By Lars Larson,
NW and national radio host

Handing your personal information over to government computers is like giving car keys and whiskey to teenage boys.

A crash is not just possible, it’s inevitable.

Consider Oregon’s recent history with computers. 46 million for a fancy phone system 5 years ago that failed. 100-million Congress gave to Oregon to fix its unemployment system computers went unspent and they crashed in the pandemic. 300-million for the infamous Obamacare website a decade ago, that imploded so badly it was ranked worst in America.

And now, the Oregon DMV has lost the personal info of every single person in the state with a driver’s license or state ID card.

Worse, your information was hacked.

And why do thieves take personal info…so they can steal money based on your name and wreck your credit.

Oregon learned it had been hacked 2 weeks ago. Did the government tell us? Nope!

When reporters asked about it two days ago, Tina Kotek’s government stonewalled.

Now, their advice…watch for signs of fraud.

It’s a bit like finding out the fire department knew about a hazard in your home two weeks ago.

Now, they tell you “Watch for flames. Good luck if you see ‘em”.