Sen. Thatcher continues walk-out protest

By Oregon Campaign Watch,

A State Senator Kim Thatcher press release made this key point, “Until these concerns are adequately addressed, I cannot in good conscience return this session to such blatant misbehavior being implemented by the Democrats to basically let them continue down this road. This needs to stop. Now.”

Thatcher expressed concerns on too much latitude, ” I am expressing my concerns and disappointment that the Democrats were given so much latitude and the Republicans were given so little as outlined in the negotiations. The Democrats only needed one more Republican to attend Floor Session to meet the quorum requirement, and thus, it happened. It was an agonizing decision for all of us— to support returning or not. Unfortunately, negotiations did not address the outright and ongoing corruption by the Democrats, nor did they adequately address the tyrannical bills. Negotiations did not address the ongoing Constitutional concerns nor the breaking of rules by the Democrats.”

Senator Thatcher concluded with this warning;

“…Unfortunately, the improved, but still despotic bills I have been telling you about, moved through the legislative process at lightning speed on June 15 and will now become law. Make no mistake about it, they are still after our children. The Democrats still want total power over every position of government and every role of families in this state. They want every law-abiding citizen disarmed. That’s a definition of tyranny. But there is more to come.I will continue to work with my constituents, but I cannot support an autocratic Democrat agenda we had a chance to stop. Unfortunately, even as Democrats were handed a gold platter to continue their scheme on the unaware public, they continue to feed Oregonians half truths and bald-faced lies to make their propaganda more believable. The media continues to aid them in this endeavor. I ask myself, why can’t they just tell the truth? Putting a spin on what happened is one thing, but having one’s own set of “facts” is another.Keep in mind: the Democrat corruption, their money-laundered campaign donations, and their stacks of cash yielded us their majority. Only 1500 votes separated their majority from one of shared power. We would not be in this position, but for their corrupt flow of dirty money.This session is not going to be the end of the very caustic long-term agenda of the Democrats. Oh, no. They have much more in mind. They have been taking steps every Session to ultimately reach their goals, all while selling their masked agenda to the unaware public through mainstream media – a convenient arm of the Democrat Party….”