Lars Larson: Capitol dirty tricks

By Lars Larson,
NW and national radio host

Tina and I spent time working outside last night, and the bugs ate us up alive.

I’ll bet a lot of you had the same experience.

And then, this morning I hear that “regulatory issues” have shut down spraying for mosquitoes by the county.

Figures. A lot of that “regulatory” stuff is going around lately, where the government that allegedly “serves” citizens writes rules that keep them from actually doing their job.

They still take a full load of taxes FOR those undelivered services.

And now, Salem lawmakers want to make it even worse through something even sneakier than skeeters.

For months of the Legislature, a single bill only three sentences long has languished, just sitting there waiting for a dastardly purpose.

Now, at the very last minute, Democrats have dropped a 112 page amendment into that bill. They call that a “gut and stuff” and it’s about THAT disgusting.

These coward lawmakers want to ban natural gas appliances, limit parking spaces and a lot of other things that make housing more expensive.

Only LAWMAKERS don’t want to do it THEMSELVES because they’d get the blame, and you’d fire them at election time.

So House Bill 3409 lets the bureaucrats in Salem do the dirty deed…people you NEVER voted for and can’t fire when they do you wrong. If it becomes law, it lets THEM write the rules your elected representatives don’t want to touch.

That’s why they call it politics. You know, Poli, which is Latin for many, and tics, which means blood-sucking bugs.