Moment captures police restraint (much like Portland)

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Fox News on May 5, showcased some video of New York protesters harassing police officers during a protest.  One shows a man with a bullhorn screaming “Shame! Shame! Shame!” right in the face of an unmoved officer.  Another video shows a protester blowing vaping smoke in an officers face.

Protesters are allowed to cross all sorts of lines and break all kinds of laws, but law enforcement holds steady as they monitor and guard against far more serious crimes.

Taxpayers Association of Oregon volunteers who reported on the Portland riots saw such amazing restraint by Portland Police and also abuse by rioters — unfortunately it wasn’t always captured on video like this New York example.  Rioters would even be more brazen by yelling death threats and throw all kinds of objects at police.  The Major Chief Police Association reported that among the 2020 protests, more than 62% of the Portland protests involved violence.

Our local law enforcement are under an impossible situation and we taxpayers wish it weren’t so, but these images remind of what the public seldom sees — courageous professionalism and restraint under abusive conditions.   Taxpayers are grateful for our protectors.

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