3 Kotek delay mishaps (she can’t make a tough decision)

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


Yes, we are counting all the mistakes Kotek has made this Session.   Most are related to her inability to make a decision when confronted with bad news.

Let us explain:

• The Oregon DMV hacked happened on Monday and impacted nearly every single Oregonian card holder (3.5 million).   It wasn’t until days later that The Oregonian began pressing for details before Kotek’s DMV made the news public on Thursday.    When your social security # gets hacked, people need to respond quickly to check their credit score to make sure people are not opening up accounts in their name.

• Oregon Governor Tina Kotek knew about a week before that Secretary of State Shemia Fagan was involved in a $10,000/month side job as a consultant for a pot company, La Mota, while releasing an audit of the very industry (calling upon State Government to do more to boost the marijuana industry).   Once the press found out, it became a scandal that forced her to quit the audit, quit her consulting job and resign as Secretary of State.   Kotek knew but didn’t act.

• Speaking of that disgraced pot company, La Mota.   Public pressure was on back in March for politicians like Governor Tina Kotek to return these donations because La Mota wasn’t paying their taxes ($1.3 million), have been sued 30 times in court, and also they were making cash donations by the thousands.   It took until May for Kotek to return the $68,000 donation.   This month, the Senate voted to ban cash donations over $100.

Governor Kotek also tried to involve her into the Senate walk-out stand-off.  Kotek called for talks, ended up complaining and making things worse. The Taxpayers Association wrote about this at the time; “Governor Kotek met with Republican Senators over the impasse, refused to budge, and came away complaining to the media over the meeting. How unprofessional and undiplomatic of the State’s highest officer holder. The key tenet of diplomacy is that after you hold talks among conflicting parties you try to create some sort of progress even if no achievement was initially reached. Governor Kotek doesn’t feel the need to compromise, negotiate or even work with Independent Party and Republican Party members who represent the minority. Kotek is simply following the model of former Governor Kate Brown who rarely worked with anyone else.”

The walk-out continued until Senators themselves worked out a compromise.

These examples show that Governor Kotek is finding it hard to make a difficult decision and making a decision in a timely matter.

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