Bill erects big union monument at State Capitol

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Senate Bill 120 relating to the Oregon Labor Monument establishes that the Oregon Labor Monument is to be built in the State Capital State Park. The bill states that the monument is to be built with the help from a “nonprofit corporation” that is “organized in this state” and “dedicated to establishing the memorial”. There is no mention of the cost of the memorial within this bill or who would pay for it, only that it would be built with the “help” of a nonprofit corporation.  Without any price restrictions, this bill could follow the unpaid $26 billion government pension debt (PERS) as one wildly expensive project.

The bill is sponsored by State Senator Chris Gorsek, D-Troutdale.  Gorsek ran as both a Democrat and Working Families Party candidate for Senate seat 25 in Oregon.

While the Oregon labor movement has been strong in the past, union membership in the state decreased by 37,000 workers in 2022.  Oregon Live reported that union membership in Oregon has reached a record low with the percentage of Oregon workers represented by a union falling from 18.8% to 16.9% in 2022.

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