Film boycott working! Behold the empty theater

By Jason Williams

Today is the release day for Disney’s biggest summer blockbuster, Indiana Jones #5  Dial of Destiny, which is among the most expensive films ever made (nearing $400 million).

I wrote an article, 7 Reasons to Boycott Indiana Jones #5, as well as many others nationwide who exposed this film for its politics, its character assassination of heroes, its deceptive advertising, its disrespect of Steven Spielberg’s personal convictions, and its virtue vandalizing.

One of Portland’s bigger theaters, Regal Lloyd Center, is showing a near empty theater at their coveted 7:40pm evening showing (standard theater room).   This is at 11:00AM, a mere six hours away.   A check on Beaverton theaters shows some rooms mostly full while others mostly empty.   They should all be full on opening day.

Disney has already lost nearly a billion dollars on its last slate of films within the past year.

Daily Wire reports“A well-known film box office analyst estimates that in the last 12 months, Disney, whose woke agenda has placed it at odds with much of the general public, lost nearly $900 million on its last eight releases….He estimated that for the eight films, Disney’s total returns amounted to $1.861 billion, which would mean that for the eight films, they suffered a loss of $890 million.”

For this film to break even, Disney needs around a massive $120 million weekend opening for a good start.  Based on these empty seats, it is in trouble.

If this movie fails, since 8 previous big Disney films have already lost money, the impact would be a crushing financial blow to Disney.

Keep watching to see what happens next.

— Although my article may be small, it is good to see other people get the message about this needlessly terrible film.