Lars Larson: Another Oregon drug dismal disaster

By Lars Larson,
NW and national radio host

You know you’ve arrived in a crazy place when plastic straws ARE illegal while cocaine, heroin and fentanyl are not.

Where governments allow you to distribute plastic straws only if it’s for taking (what used to be) illegal drugs.

Multnomah County claims it’s “minimizing harm” by passing out tin foil and straws as a safer way to consume deadly drugs like meth, crack and fentanyl.

Lawmakers refused to make those drugs criminal again. The county thinks protecting you from Hepatitis and HIV is more important than stopping addicts from taking drugs that we know will kill more than a hundred thousand people this year in America.

In fact, the same state lawmakers who refused to override ballot measure 110 and make drugs illegal again DID pass a bill to decriminalize the distribution of drug paraphernalia. Governor Kotek still hasn’t decided whether to sign that one or not.

Willamette Week broke the story Friday about the safe drug consumption kits Friday.

And if you want a measure of how crazy this really is, even Mayor Feckless Ted Wheeler thinks it’s bad.

Feckless issued a strongly worded statement condemning the drug consumption kits.

Next time you venture into the wilds of downtown Portland, when you see someone smoking drugs on a scrap of tin foil…that’s your tax dollars at work