Kotek doles out 22% raises, $1500 inflation bonus

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


The Service Employees International Union 503 has made an agreement with Governor Kotek for more money.  And such bargaining agreements that legally bind taxpayers to pay for it, does not require a public vote by our elected representatives.  Two parties (unions, Governor) meet behind closed doors to agree on how much a third party must pay them.

The end result is the latest agreement for these various Oregon government employees which includes a 6.5% raise this December and another 6.5% raise in 13 months from that point.   Other employees will be getting between 13% and 22% raises.

It also includes a one-time $1,500 bonus to handle inflation.

Inflation is high because politicians’ federally over-spent by trillions.   Now, everyday taxpayers get stuck with higher taxes and government employees get $1,500 inflation bonuses.

Oregon politicians added to inflation by

(1) passing the largest tax in Oregon history (CAT TAX) in 2019.
(2) passing taxes on hospitals, cell-phones, restaurants.
(3) passing a hidden gas tax (giving Oregon top 10 high gas prices which impact all delivered good prices)
(4) passing billions of local tax increases on the local level every General election.
(5) passing one of the highest minimum wage laws in the nation.

The end result?

As of the first quarter of 2023, Oregon was ranked the 8th highest cost of living state according to the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center.

So now politicians have raised the cost of living for taxpayers and must raise more taxes to pay for the salary raises and inflation bonuses to shield government employees from their own bad policies that caused the problem.

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