SB 579 allows scam artists, terrorists, serial killers to vote from prison

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Senate Bill 579 Bill title is relating to voting by adults in custody. SB 579 allow persons convicted of felony to register to vote, update voter registration and vote in elections while incarcerated.

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures felon’s voting rights are handled this way in different states across the nation:


# of States Felon Voting Rights
11 Felons lose their right to vote indefinitely
16 Felons lose their right to vote during incarceration and their parole period after release, and sometimes until they pay all fines or restitution.
21 Felons lose voting rights while incarcerated and are automatically restored upon release.
3 Felons NEVER lose their voting rights in Washington, D.C., Maine & Vermont.

Under this bill, you could be convicted of election fraud and murder and still be allowed to vote.

 This bill comes on the heels of December’s liberal pro-crime month.

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