Sen. Boquist: Measure 113, Capitol union, What’s next…

By Oregon State Senator Brian Boquist:

— One State Senator asks, “What’s next?

— What if Oregon has claim of the oldest human-occupied site in America?! KOIN reports: “An Oregon field research team has uncovered evidence that indicates humans roamed the state at least 18,000 years ago. This could be proof of North America’s oldest human-occupied site yet.”

— WWeek reports: “The Oregon Court of Appeals on July 6 rejected a legal appeal by state Rep. Kim Wallan (R-Medford) and Wallan’s aide Sarah Daley that sought to block the formation of a union representing Oregon legislative staff.” What do you think about legislative staff unionizing? In recent years, Republican-leaning individuals are typically against unions, but the 2019 walkout over cap and trade (which put Portland’s carbon emissions problem on the backs of rural Oregonians) put that on its head as trade union bosses shook Republicans’ hands in gratitude for walking out.

— The media has shifted gears to focusing mostly on the election in over a year, glossing over Gov. Kotek potentially calling a special session. While it is relevant news to understand what senators are seeking reelection, especially after the walkout where many of them bravely “stood in the gap” to protect hard-working Oregonians by exceeding 10-days of unexcused absences, which with ambiguously written Measure 113, means their eligibility for serving after reelection is shaky; depending on what the typically Democrat-controlled courts decide.

–Multnomah County will distribute tin foil and straws to fentanyl smokers.

— Leftist McLeod-Skinner is likely going to make another attempt at Congress, but she used COVID as an excuse to not announce. Rep. Janelle Bynum is running as well. It’s worrisome that Bynum is poised to enter a crowded Democrat field when she has been fearless in her role as state rep. She wanted to be Speaker, but was pushed to the side, yet despite this, she has advocated to end homelessness by being the only Democrat to sign onto a package of Republican bills that would have done something about the human tragedy.

— Northern Lights could be visible in Oregon next week; here’s how to see them.

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