Tax $$ for “how-to” anal drug use books (Multnomah)

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

In addition to Multnomah County budgeting over $80,000 for crack pipes, crack pipe cleaners, tin foil drug strips and chapstick, the County also purchased booklets teaching drug addicts how to “boof” KATU-TV reports.  Boofing is a way to get high by injecting the drug rectally.   The County allegedly aims to buy these booklets to hand-out to drug addicts for a safer drug injection experience.   Among addicts, some even consume alcohol through boofing, also known as an alcohol enema.

The boofing how-to comic can be found here online.

According to some, boofing can give users a faster drug experience, which only makes the addict more addicted.

Taxpayers paid hundreds of million in higher taxes for drug treatment services and we are getting drug promotion services.  No wonder Oregon has been rated the #1 drug problem state in America.

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