1 week test. 100% traffic jam at 10am

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


Due to a mother in the hospital, it provided a week worth of consistent travels from Beaverton to East Portland crossing Hwy 217, Hwy 26 and Hwy 84 around the 10:00am every work day for a week.

Everyday in Portland there was a (non-accident related) traffic jam somewhere on the route that slowed traffic to a zero MPH halt.   When traffic stops to zero it can reverberate for miles down the highway.

These traffic jams are why Portland has often been rated in the top 10 traffic jams in America.

How are Oregon politicians spending $60 million of taxpayer dollars subsidizing the wealthy’s $50,000 electric vehicles supposed to reduce traffic congestion?  It won’t.

How are Oregon politicians spending $100 million for electric vehicle stations going to help reduce congestion?  It won’t.

Liberal activists are pushing our youth to protest a “no freeway” policy future.  Photo below shows a recent Portland student protest.  Of all the evils in the world, they are calling roads and ODOT evil.

If only those students knew that cars pollute the most when they idle in traffic jams, a complete waste of carbon, waste of money and waste of time.


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