Legislative Action on PAC 12 Future

Representative Boshart Davis Urges Legislative Action on PAC 12 Future
By Oregon State Representative Shelly Boshart Davis

ALBANY, Ore. – With the future of the PAC 12 conference uncertain, Oregon taxpayers could be at risk. As the University of Oregon and the University of Washington are in talks with the Big 10 Conference about potential exit plans, questions remain about the impact on Oregon’s university system.
Representative Shelly Boshart Davis (R-Albany) is calling on House Speaker Dan Rayfield (D-Corvallis) to convene a legislative panel to understand the unintended consequences of the University of Oregon’s potential move away from the PAC 12.
Representative Boshart Davis released the following statement:

“As a graduate of Oregon State and as a representative of a district that houses many OSU students, I am deeply concerned about the impacts on our state university system if the University of Oregon decides to leave the PAC 12. There are many unanswered questions about what these moves mean for Oregonians beyond just the ending of one of the nation’s longest-running rivalry football games. If one of our major universities is going to make a unilateral decision that could impact Oregon’s budget, we should at least understand the full impacts. At the most, the people’s representatives should have a say.”

“The University of Washington estimates increased travel costs to Big 10 venues to be around $10 million. It is unclear how a similar increase in costs for the Ducks would be paid for. Will the Legislature be expected to ask taxpayers to fill that gap? How will these increased travel times impact student-athletes and their academic performance?”

“How will a depleted PAC 12 impact OSU’s revenue? It’s hard to imagine how the Beavers will make up lost revenue.”
“As legislators, we must ensure government entities like the public university system does not overly burden taxpayers. We need to have all the information before a decision is made.”