8th major data breach hits Oregon

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Hackers tapped into the database for the Oregon Health Plan, potentially jeopardizing the credit security of about 1.7 million members through MOVEit file transfer software, according to Oregon Public Broadcasting. That’s the same software that hackers accessed in the Oregon DMV data breach in June that affected more than 3 million people.


Health plan members are encouraged to obtain free credit reports to watch for discrepancies after PH Tech announced the breach. People with questions can call PH Tech at 888-498-1602.


Data breaches with Oregon state offices have happened more frequently in recent years:

  • The Oregon Department of Transportation said personal information for about 3.5 million people was accessed in a data breach.
  • A data breach at the Oregon Employment Department compromised personal information for 851,000 Oregonians.
  • Confidential information of 645,000 people was released through a Department of Human Services data breach.
  • The tax records and Social Security numbers of 36,000 Oregonians was leaked after hackers tapped into the Oregon Department of Revenue’s computer system.
  • Vaccine records for 40,000 people was released to the public inadvertently by the Oregon Department of Administrative Services.
  • Hackers also tapped into the records of the Oregon Elections Office.
  • Oregon State University was hit with a major breach in 2019.


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