Portland’s police boss works from Vegas

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


Portland has a crime problem of historic proportions.  OPB reports that the director of the Community Safety Division does his $208,263 public safety job mostly from a gated resort community in Las Vegas. He is even registered to vote in Las Vegas.

This is a nice job while Portland suffered the highest homicide rate increase in the nation in 2020 and witnessed 99% of their 50+ Rapid Response Team police officers resign in a single day and be disbanded.  Even as this news was made public today, other news on the same day in Portland shows Portland Police in a staffing crisis.

We don’t fault him for taking what is likely Oregon’s best government job — we do fault Portland politicians for not taking the crime crisis seriously and taking charge in a way that will reduce crime.   This is similar to 2021 when Portland City Council took much of the summer off while the City suffered a crime wave, a pandemic and economic down spiral.

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