Armed neighbor stops stabbing attack (2A saves lives)

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

In Beaverton an armed neighbor helped step in to save a woman’s life.

The woman was outside her apartment when her ex-husband attacked her with a knife.

It didn’t matter that there was a restraining order against the attacker, what mattered was that a citizen had a firearm to protect another.   The attacker fled the scene at the sight of the armed man.

Read more from KATU.

This is why the Second Amendment is important as it can saves lives.

Meanwhile, the New York Post shows how much campaign funds have been spent on private security by Congress’ most liberal members.

We support candidates doing what they need to protect themselves, but since Oregon residents living in an apartment may not be able to spend $100,000 for their own security, they need to have a fully funded police and a the right to protect themselves with a firearm.

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