Mayor cut 100 cops, now demands 100 state trooper help

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Oregon Governor Tina Kotek met with Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler to discuss how to help Portland.

Mayor Wheeler asked for 100 State Troopers — about 20% of the entire State Troopers to rescue the City from the crime wave.

But wait!   It was Portland that de-funded police by $12 million and cut 100+ police positions in 2020 which started the crime wave.

So Portland cuts 100 police and now wants the State to fix their problem.

This scenario reminds me of when Mayor Wheeler tried to hire dozens of unarmed park patrol officers to replace the lost police they cut.  Liberals have made law enforcement so politically toxic that politicians are playing word games to hire more police without it looking like police.   This is living hell.

At the meeting Kotek said of Portland, “We want to see more foot traffic. We want to see fewer overdoses.”

If you want to see “fewer overdoses” try telling Portland and the Multnomah County Commission to stop handing out 50,000 crack pipes, 5 million free needles and to stop giving millions of tax dollars to pot shops.

If you want to see more foot traffic, try looking at the fact that Portland is among the highest taxed areas in the nation.   People don’t go out shopping or dining if they don’t have any money.

Wheeler also shared the idea of destroying vacant office buildings and turning them into housing units.

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