Lars Larson: 2 big lies of Measure 110

By Lars Larson,
NW and national radio host

Sometimes, buyers remorse means something good.

A new poll shows 56% of Oregon voters want to undo the deadly damage they did three years ago by de facto legalization of hard drugs.

Since then, public drug use has become so common that few take much notice.

Videos of overdose victims literally dying on the street in Portland no longer shock.

The promise of measure 110 was based on two lies.

No one would goes to prison for drug possession and addicts get treatment.

Fact is, NO ONE WENT to prison for simple possession before 110…and almost no one GOES into treatment AFTER 110.

But Oregon has always been about drugs: first decriminalization of pot in America 50 years ago this year, among the first to legalize it for so-called medicine and later recreation.

Then 2020…first in America to legalize hard drugs.

We warned voters what would happen.

It made hard drugs cheap and easy and so’s the gang violence that comes with ‘em.

Adolescent drug overdose deaths have tripled since 2019.

And finally, we have a majority of voters who want it stopped.

You think Governor La Mota calls a special session or just lets the body bags pile up?