Oregon doom loop! Deaths up. Births down. More exit than enter

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon


Both charts show two bad trends.

More people are leaving Oregon than entering.

Also, more people are dying at a greater volume while there are declining births.

Oregon Economic Analysis Office notes “Today, Oregon is a half a child below replacement rate (1.6 in 2017, data is not yet final for 2018), and the U.S. nearly so (1.7 or 1.8). While Oregon has one of the lowest birthrates nationwide, similar big picture trends are seen throughout the country.Lyman Stone, an economist who writes about demographics and population, notes that such a decline is not yet at as pronounced as Russia’s decline in the post-Soviet era, but it is on par with birthrate declines seen in Canada, France, Japan, and Sweden. None of these countries have regained replacement rate fertility.”

The Oregonian reports “More people left Oregon than moved into the state in 2022, a reversal of growth trends that had endured since the 1980s.The new U.S. Census Bureau numbers mark the first time Oregon saw more people leaving than arriving since a housing crash in the early ‘80s caused a sharp recession in the state….Portland was among the urban centers that saw unusually large flows of residents leaving during this time. While many cities, like Seattle and Fort Worth, saw reversals in population losses after the first full year of the pandemic, Portland continued to shed residents and was among the fastest shrinking big cities in 2022.” (read more)

This is the direct result of liberals getting everything they wished for

— One of the highest taxed places in America.
— Among the top 5 biggest government spending states per-capita in America.
— Among the highest labor costs due to high minimum wage and benefits.
— Mass drug decriminalization.
— Mass prison reduction.
— Some of America’s most restrictive environmental land-use laws.
— One of the nation’s most punitive gas taxes and gas fees.
— Big education bureaucracy and laws to block competition from successful charter schools.
— One party-rule in both chambers and all partisan elected offices.
— Union membership rates above the national average.
— A government pension so lavish it is $26 billion in debt.
— A diminished and handicapped law enforcement.
— Among the most lavish benefits for homeless.

The end result is more deaths, fewer babies and more people fleeing the state.

The end result is more crime, more addicts, more formerly independent people now wholly dependent on costly government hand-outs, more poverty from over-taxation, more closed family businesses due to labor costs.

Liberals define success by the laws they pass, we define failure by the number of people dying and the number of people fleeing.

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