How others make fun of Oregon (meme)

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

We saw this meme on a national website revealing how the rest of the country makes fun of our low school standards.

During the pandemic the politicians voted to lower reading, writing and math graduation standards.  Even with the low standards, the graduation rate is still low.   Even with the low standards, absentee rate is above national average.

This is a disservice to our students and even greater crime against Oregon’s minority students who suffer the most.

Imagine if Oregon was known for having the most successful and prosperous minority students as a role model for the rest of America.   That could be Oregon’s story if lawmakers fully embraced school choice, teacher merit pay, charter schools, micro-schools, quick removal process of abusive teachers, and core curriculum methods over political curriculum.   Yet, liberal lawmakers, teacher unions and others actively work against the path to success, and Oregon has become a proverb of failure — and our minorities suffer the most.

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