Mystery photo should alarm local homeless hotels

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Oregon can learn from New York.

As you may have seen, New York turned the once-famous Roosevelt hotel into a illegal immigrant refugee hotel that houses thousands.

So many people that the block is covered with people sleeping outside.

What Fox News noted, was that outside the hotel are long lines of unlicensed motor-bikes all appearing in excellent condition.

Experts assign these mysterious unlicensed bikes as couriers for drugs and other illegal activity.   This means our tax dollars are being used to provide costly food and shelter to criminal operations.

This comes as Oregon has invested $70 million tax dollars into turning existing hotels into homeless hotels — just like New York.  Portland’s Joint Office of Homeless Services wasted $850,000 on a hotel that was grossly unsanitary, unsafe, overrun with toxic mold, and eventually unsound enough that the roof collapsed and the building was condemned. Amid widespread drug use, many hotel tenants were so abusive that the program caretakers could no longer conduct wellness or safety checks, leading to more anarchy and worsening conditions.

Oregon lawmakers should take notice.

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