Measure 110 killed 183 people in year one

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon Foundation,

Research published in the Journal of Health Economics reports that drug decriminalization under Oregon Measure 110 was associated with a 23% increase in overdose deaths in the first year.  That is 183 more that the near 800 people normally killed by overdosing.


M110 proponents claimed that because only “small amounts” of drugs were decriminalized, we wouldn’t see an increase in overdoses. What they didn’t say was that even a “small amount” of fentanyl is enough to kill someone.


The progressives tell us to “follow the science.” Now, the science says that M110 is killing Oregonians at an alarming pace. People in the state have had enough. That’s why, a group is working on a ballot measure to repeal major portions of the M110.


We may have to wait a few years for voters to weigh in, but Oregon’s experiment with deadly drug decriminalization may be coming to and end.