Lars Larson: More issues behind school fight video

By Lars Larson,
NW and national radio host

Insane liberal policies have turned government run public schools into dangerous places for your kids.

The latest: A girl attacked in a hallway filled with kids by a transgender…a biological boy.

It happened at Hazelbrook Middle school in Tualatin, Oregon.

A video…apparently planned to be shot by accomplices of the attacker shows him sneak up behind the victim and slam her to the ground.

He grabs her hair so he can hit her several times in the head. He then calls her the B word before saying “that’s what you get.”

The victim pleads “I’m sorry, I didn’t do anything” and then admits she can’t breathe.

Now the folks who run the schools you pay for have slammed down the cone of silence.

They claim to have turned the matter over to police, a week later, and refuse to release more information.

They disparage the distribution of the video on social media. That’s the only way this violence against a child came to public attention.

School officials confess, they enforce a “no phones” policy specifically to prevent video documentation of crimes like this against your kids.

I want people to know…and I’m happy to put parents, teachers and students on the radio to tell us what happened and why.

Violent crimes in schools, disappearing discipline, school resource officers sent packing and administrators who resist turning over the kid criminals to cops?

You want your kids in the middle of that?