City says stop calling 911

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

– Our police were removed due to Portland’s defunding police
– Our guns are being removed by Measure 114 gun ban
– Our prisons have given early release to 1,000 prisoners on our streets
– Our leaders are now telling us in Portland to stop calling 911

Portland Commissioner, Rene Gonzales, issued this Tweet, “Our 911 system is getting hammered this morning with a multiple person incident – multiple overdoses in northwest park blocks. Please do not call 911 except in event of life/death emergency or crime in progress…”

There were 8 people in Portland who suffered overdoses within blocks of each other which over-whelmed the 911 system.  The system is back to normal but vulnerable to crashes.

Commissioner Gonzales did not vote to defund police or vote for less police support, but rather ran and was elected last year to fix it.  This 911 failure is a red-alert warning that the system is broken and that people will die in the future if this 911 crisis is not fixed.

Refund our Portland police to 100% levels, expand 911 callers, stop releasing criminals on our streets, arrest/convict both minor and major crimes, stop spending tens of millions of tax dollars on wasteful programs that do not save lives and stop disarming citizens from using everyday firearms that people across America use to protect themselves on a daily basis.

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