Rep. Helfrich calls on Gov. to fly flags half-staff

House Republican Leader Denounces Hamas Terrorists, Calls on Governor Kotek to Order Flags to Half-Staff
By Oregon House Republican Office

SALEM, OR – In recognition of the thousands wounded and held hostage, and more than 1,100 innocent lives lost to Hamas terrorist attacks in Israel, House Republican Leader Jeff Helfrich (R-Hood River) is asking Governor Kotek to immediately order all flags to fly at half-staff.

Leader Helfrich released the following statement:

“We cannot ignore the atrocities that have been committed against the Israeli people and the Jewish community at large. Blood thirsty Hamas terrorists have murdered more than 1,100 innocent men, women, and children, and held hostage hundreds of others – including Americans. All statements dismissing these atrocities are disgraceful.

“As a military veteran who has served overseas, it is clear that this war has worldwide impacts. Now is the time to recognize the evil in front of us and denounce Hamas, a terrorist organization whose intention is to eradicate the State of Israel and Jewish people around the world.

“There must be no doubt that the State of Oregon stands firm with Israel and Oregon’s Jewish communities in their time of need.”