Remember this photo on the 3 Target closures



By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Three Target locations are closing in Portland.   The locations are the Downtown Galleria, SE Powell Blvd., and NE Halsey St.   They are closing by October 21st and will not even be around for the Christmas season — the highest shopping time of the year.

Target says theft is the chief reason.

They should also mention vandalism.

The photo taken above (by Taxpayers Association reporters) was just last year on the 4th of July.   If you look at the photo and the arrows you will notice that the entire block of windows of the Downtown Galleria Target were destroyed (and some around the corner).  Not one was spared.   The vandals left messages encouraging people to loot the store.

When events like this happen, it causes insurance rates to soar.

On the same night, rioters vandalized cars in the area.  This means even customers of downtown stores felt the pain and contributed to foot traffic decline.

As vandals rioted that night, police were rarely seen anywhere.

Police do not have the funds nor the support of City Council, their District Attorney and Judges in order for them to make arrests for many rioting crimes.


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