Was Oregon Election Mascot, Blobby, stolen from UK?

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


Previously we reported that the Oregon Secretary of State’s Office spent $350,000.00 of our tax dollars on creating Blobby (photo: right) along with a video campaign promoting this new election mascot.   This $350,000.00 purchase comes at the same time the Secretary of State’s Office has been in the news for being unable to process public records requests on time due to a large backlog.

Through our in-depth investigation we discovered that there already exists a pink tubular-shaped blob mascot with a permanent smile named Mr. Blobby and has existed in the United Kingdom since 1993.

Was he kidnapped and brought to Oregon?

Is there a copyright issue here?

Did the people for which taxpayers paid $350,000.00 to create Blobby do a Google search on the name before they built a video campaign around him?

Is Blobby’s character in question since he has already has been shown on BBC news with an altercation with security?

Don’t let anyone ever say we at the Taxpayers Association of Oregon don’t report the hard news.

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