Lars Larson: Mr. Mayor protect Portlanders – lock up killers now

By Lars Larson,
NW and national radio host

Portlandia Mayor “Feckless” Ted Wheeler made his downtown so toxic that businesses, tenants and customers have fled.

Ted has tried bribing businesses…offering literally millions in tax breaks to anyone who wants to invest tens of millions in a failing real estate market.

Feckless tried bribing citizens with gift cards to come downtown.

Wheeler tried demanding that downtown businesses shanghai employees by ordering them back to the office.

He struck out three times and has now announced he’ll not even attempt reelection.

I have a simpler idea…order the cops to lock up criminals, like the one who literally committed a broad daylight murder, 4:30 yesterday afternoon at 10th and Alder…about as close to the geographic center of downtown as you can get.

This killing follows one just three days earlier at 5th and SW Washington.

And that one came a little more than a day after the murder Saturday morning.

If Ted wants to bring his downtown back to life, he must stop the crimes TAKING the lives of citizens every few days in downtown.

He has a police force and he could take the DA to task for refusing to prosecute crimes.

Or Feckless Ted could just coast for the next 16 months till he retires with millions in the bank and a fat PERS pension for his “public service”.