Overbooked flight gave $1,000 vouchers for $123 ticket

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


Many airlines are doing the right thing.

Yesterday, we witnessed an Alaskan Airline flight from Portland to Seattle experience and overbooking.  They offered volunteers who were willing to give up their seats, $1,000 vouchers.  These $1,000 vouchers could be used on any day as well as transfer edit to a loved one.

The flight was only twenty minutes, costing $123 and there were other flights to Seattle that same day.

That shows that capitalism knows how to serve the customer when mistakes are made.

Yes, there are a lot of airline travel horror stories out there, but much of that occurs with the discount carriers.

Government often wants to get more involved in the every detail of air travel, but remember, our government has the worst customer service, so be careful what you wish for.

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