Magic mushrooms tied to suicide pilot

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The news is reporting that off-duty pilot, Joseph Emerson took magic psychedelic mushrooms before boarding the Horizon/Alaska Airlines flight.  The very flight he rode in the extra cockpit seat and where he tried to down the plane.   Oregon recently legalized magic mushrooms (although the flight was between Washington and California and Oregon was it’s emergency landing).

OPB reports, “Federal court records suggest Emerson might have been on psychedelic mushrooms at the time of the incident, saying he and an officer discussed the drug and that Emerson said “it was his first-time taking mushrooms.” Multnomah County court documents, however, are more explicit: Emerson told Port of Portland police officers he had taken the psychedelic drug 48 hours earlier”

NY Post reports “When later interviewed by police he said he had a “nervous breakdown” after not sleeping for 40 hours and taking psychedelic mushrooms for the first time.“I didn’t feel okay. It seemed like the pilots weren’t paying attention to what was going on. They didn’t… it didn’t seem right,” Emerson told police, according to an affidavit obtained by The Post.“You need to cuff me right now or it’s going to be bad,” he told a flight attendant after getting booted from the cockpit, the affidavit said.“I messed everything up,” Emerson told the crew member, adding that “he tried to kill everybody…”