Union ballot measure to undo self-service gas

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

UFCW Local 555 filed an initiative petition yesterday to reintroduce Oregon’s ban on self-serve gas after it was repealed this year.

The union wants to protect gas attendant jobs in an historic labor shortage. Oregon is scrambling to hire many top level jobs in education and health care and the union wishes to protect these jobs that do not exist as such in 48 other states that allow self-service gas.

The Spokesman-Review cited the union, “It doesn’t do anything good for Oregonians unless you’re a gas station owner or have a stake in a large oil company,” said UFCW Local 555 Political Director Mike Selvaggio. “It makes gas stations more dangerous and less accessible to people with accessibility issues.”The ballot measure would seek to ban all self-serve gas in Oregon, including in rural counties, where customers have been able to pump their own gas at night since 2015. It would continue to allow some non-commercial customers, like firefighters, to pump their own gas.”

Mandatory attendants also increase the cost of gas, of which Oregon has been rated for years in the top 10 highest gas price states in America.

This is also another example on how progressive unions wish to deny people freedom.

– Unions work against school choice.
– Unions work against giving voters the right to vote on taxes.
– Unions work against freedom of choice on joining unions
– Unions work against Right to Work laws

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