(Cartoon) Would Rep. Chaichi ceasefire D-Day if she lived then?

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

As we previously reported, Oregon State Representative Farrah Chaichi called for a ceasefire within 11 days of 1,200 Jews being massacred, and one of their towns where nearly half of the entire population was lost.   This would be like calling for a cease fire in WWII on Pearl Harbor, or D-day or 9/11.

Last week we wrote about State Representative Farrah Chaichi’s ceasefire. 

Here is our article re-printed:


#1. Defies Biden Administration. Biden’s National Security Advisor John Kirby says that a cease fire only helps Hamas. Representative Chaichi ceasefire does exactly that.

#2. Hamas’ stated goal is to destroy Israel. Hamas’ 1988 founding charter calls for the destruction of Israel and says “Kill the Jews” and “Jihad is the only answer”.  When Hamas attacked on October 7th, they took captive/killed nearly half of a single town of Kibbutz Nir Oz.  If Hamas destroyed nearly half of a town, it is a sign of what is to come by this evil terrorist organization that plans to kill everything and everyone in its path.

#3. Israel is being attacked on 3 sides. Israel had had missiles launched from Gaza, Lebanon and Yemen. No one believes that any one of these three militias (less all three at once) dedicated to destroying Israel would honor a ceasefire.

#4. Israel may be in danger of running out of Iron Dome defense missiles.  Hamas has as many as 30,000 missiles and Hezbolah is estimated to have over 150,000 missiles. Israel must destroy the military stockpiles before they are used.  There is a serious looming limit on how many defensive missiles Israel can muster.  A ceasefire blocks Israel from destroying the missiles that are being used against them on a daily basis.

#5. A ceasefire rewards Hamas for using people as human shields. As the Wall Street Journal notes, “Hamas has ordered Gazans not to flee, and its leaders hide weapons in hospitals, schools and mosques.Israel built bomb shelters for its citizens. Hamas built a network of tunnels for its combatants but keeps its civilians above ground, where they can be used as human shields or casualties showcased on TV. It’s not too much to say that Hamas wants Palestinian casualties to stir an uprising on the West Bank and turn world opinion against the Jewish state”. If Israel is forced into a ceasefire because Hamas uses people as shields, then future enemies of Israel and the United States from all across the world will use innocent human hostages as shields.  A ceasefire only empowers Hamas and their war crime of using humans as shields.

#6. Hamas is killing Palestinians and Arabs. Hamas, both now and years prior, fires indiscriminately into Israel, which includes leveling destruction in towns where Palestinians and Arabs live within Israel.  Also, Hamas is trying to block its own citizens from leaving high target areas.   A ceasefire only delays Israels ability to remove the terrorism threat by Hamas which is killing its own people.

#7. Israel has not even begun their ground response.   A ceasefire would block Israel from actually trying to rescue hostages and from destroying the rocket stockpiles with their ground offensive.  This is like calling America to ceasefire, 12 days after Pearl Harbor or 9/11.

Oregon State Representative Farrah Chaichi’s ceasefire letter within days of the greatest slaughter of Jewish people since the holocaust, would only serve in seven different ways to support Hamas, one of the world’s most destructive, exploitative and killing organizations.  Hamas is renown for stealing tens of millions of food, medicine and aid funds from their own Palestinian people and using it towards self-profit and a military purpose.   Hamas is exploiting their own people and putting them in harm’s way.   For the sake of the Palestinian people, this exploitation needs to stop.

This is “defund the police” mentality all over again, where the peacemakers are spectacularly demonized and the criminals are rewarded.

— Added story, This former Portland student was captured, raped and mutilated.

Ex-Portland student captured during Israel attack confirmed dead


— Added note:  We added a lot of words to a meme (which you are not supposed to do), but felt it necessary because memes, cartoons and info-graphics are shared independently without context of the companion article.  This is a comparison of wars and similar situations, not a comparison of combatants, as to better understand what perilous position Israel is in while reflecting on the insanity of calling for a ceasefire at the very beginning of a history-making event.   We care about the Palestinian people and wish their exploitation by a world recognized terrorist organization to stop.

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