Freedom Foundation: Teacher strike puts kids last

Freedom Foundation responds to Portland Teacher Strike
By Freedom Foundation,

“After playing a key role in ditching the state’s graduation requirements, the OEA and Portland Association of Teachers are once again demonstrating that students are the last concern for teachers’ unions”, said Jason Dudash, the Northwest Director of the Freedom Foundation.

“We all found out just how harmful keeping kids out of the classroom was after the Covid shutdowns. Dramatic spike in adolescent depression and suicide, dramatic drops in testing scores and unmeasurable learning loss. It is reprehensible to now parade around with signs that say, ‘for our students’ when PAT doesn’t give a damn about them.”

Dudash continued, “PAT is willing to sacrifice the well-being of more than 45,000 students for a long list of demands, including the standard clamoring for more money, fewer students, and less accountability for bad student outcomes. But its ultimatum is also riddled with social justice jargon, including vague calls to address ‘racial equity and implicit bias’ and create ‘more diverse curricula.’”

“When workers strike at a private business, customers can take their business elsewhere. When teachers go on strike, families and students suffer.”

Dudash concluded, “37 other states have recognized the immense harm caused when teachers unions lead strikes and have made it illegal. There is no logical reason for Oregon to be an exception.”

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