Photo: I looked and saw nothing but crime everywhere

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

If you opened up Saturday’s Oregonian newspaper you would have found page 2 and page 3 were 100% crime stories from Oregon.

– Altercation between security guard and pedestrian involves shoot-out, death of 21 year old.
– Two young kids caught in gun shots while in a parked car at a natural area.
– A police officer shooting involving a man pointing a gun at a cop
– Armed robber at Pendleton casino said he would cover everyone in blood

Even worse, the front page story that day was about a security guard who shot a trespasser.

Crime is the new trend in liberal utopia Oregon.

The politicians can outlaw everything but crime…. they can spend money on anything but law enforcement ….  they can create hundreds of new laws but let a 1000 criminals out early (as Gov. Brown did) showing that the laws that politicians care about are the trendy ones and not the ones that matter.

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