6 ways our kids are kept out of school

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


One unifying principle on why our students are not meeting basic standards is the fact that our students are not actually in the classroom.

The info-graphic explains it all, please pass it around.

— Around 45,000 students are not in class because of the Portland teacher strike.

— The Oregonian reports, “Approximately 200,000 students were considered chronically absent — defined as missing at least 10% of school days — setting them up for not learning to read and failing to graduate from high school, according to data released Thursday by the Oregon Department of Education. An astonishing 45% of Oregon kindergartners missed school that often.”

— Class is routinely disrupted for all-day walk-outs for various liberal political causes (protest natural gas, protest climate, etc..).   This disrupts the class for students who remained in class.


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