Portland anti-Israel protestors vandalize, trespass

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Protesters hit the Portland ‘World Trade Center” and protested and vandalized.

Portland Police report, “Six suspects were arrested, four of which are facing felony criminal mischief, after a gathering in Downtown Portland.On the afternoon of Thursday, November 9, 2023, Central Precinct officers were aware of a planned protest near the World Trade Center building 2, 25 Southwest Salmon Street. Shortly after 3:00p.m., security officers at the building notified police that protesters had gone up the exterior escalator to the second level and some participants were trying to force their way through locked doors into the building. Some participants were also vandalizing the building.  All available officers in Central Precinct, as well as Central Bike Squad and the Neighborhood Response Team, responded to the scene. Officers and Sergeants from North and East Precincts were requested to cover life safety emergency calls, but all other police response in the precinct was put on hold.Officers issued multiple warnings over a public address system that the participants were trespassing on private property and they were instructed to leave. Many chose to leave before enforcement action…After police cleared the scene, another suspect was seen vandalizing the same property. He was confronted by officers but eluded on foot. Officers arrested him after a short chase. … Officers determined a set of glass double doors were destroyed, and graffiti was applied to windows, walls, and the ground (photos).”