Lars Larson: The gas tax scam

By Lars Larson,
NW and national radio host,

I love calling out the lies of government agencies that allegedly serve citizens.

My favorite lately is the claim by state departments of transportation they’re suffering from “falling gas tax revenue”.

That’s a flat out lie. Credit my friend, KGW news anchor Pat Dooris, who’s show “The Story” did the same math I’ve done over the years.

Gas tax revenue is still rising. But for bureaucracies like ODOT and WashDOT, they figure 3 percent MORE means a cut when you’ve grown a fat bureaucracy on much bigger increases.

ODOT’s current budget? 6 billion.

And what do we get for that? Not a single new freeway in 50 years.

ODOT failed for decades to replace one bridge over the Columbia river and seems certain to fail on its latest attempt.

The agency does everything it can to punish citizens FOR driving, from deliberately congesting freeways to tolls intended to keep people off the road.

It also pushes ridiculous battery cars now piling up unsold in dealer showrooms.

That ain’t gonna increase gas taxes.

So they follow the usual government model. Create the problem. Hurt citizens. Then gripe about how you’re short of cash.

Lather, rinse, repeat.