Oregon potato crash! (Kotek’s 47 farm fee hikes didn’t help)

(file photo)
By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The NW potato glut is causing 5,000 acres of potatoes to be disposed.

After two years of potato shortages, Northwest farmers planted far more spuds in 2023 than in recent years, leading to a glut that has truckers dumping the excess in cattle troughs, according to Northwest News Network.  The Potato Marketing Association of North America, said farmers in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Alberta, Canada, planed an extra 55,000 acres of spuds in 2023—and now must dispose of 165,000 tons of the tubers, the equivalent of 5,000 acres of potatoes. They must be harvested and hauled away from fields to avoid letting them rot and ruin the farmland. But the saturated market means instead of fattening fast food customers as French fries, the potatoes are fodder for cows.  Lathim said he’s willing to coordinate with any Northwest food banks to provide them with excess potatoes if needed.

At the same time, Oregon Governor Tina Kotek and the liberal lawmakers signed off on 47 Department of Agriculture fee increases this year alone.

There is also an Oregon 5% gas tax increase happening in a few weeks.

There is also the minimum wage increase that hit farmers this summer.

Being a farmer means you have good years and bad years, and thanks to Oregon Governor Tina Kotek, their worst years will be harder hit and their good years less successful because of non-stop fee/tax increases.

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