Lars Larson: Thoughts on the wild Congress #1 candidate

By Lars Larson,

NW and national radio host,

In a state dominated by members of the Democrat Party, citizens already enjoy lots of opportunity to vote for their own subjugation.

But now, Oregon Democrats can submit votes for a woman who has actual experience as a dominatrix.

Courtney Casgraux seeks to replace incumbent Suzanne Bonimici as the 1st District Beaver State representative in congress.

Usually, politicians can’t shut up about their resumes…anything proves they’re good in the sick business of politics.

Casgraux, on the other hand, admits she was appalled when someone revealed on social media that she worked at Donatella’s Dungeon, a sadism and masochism club in midtown Manhattan, charging fees of 500 dollars an hour from “clients”.

When word leaked out, in her words, “I went psycho”.

Casgraux apparently thought, what happens in S&M, stays there.

Now, like so many on the left, she claims “victimhood”, calling it “an attack on women”.

Actually, I think someone like her fits in the Oregon Democrat party well. A party that has featured unindicted child rapist Neil Goldschmidt, corruption forcing resignations, and a current

Governor elected with six figures of illegal drug money.

Mistress Casgraux might just have what it takes to whip Oregon Democrats back into shape.