After 113 years, LaRog Jewelers closes (crime, taxes, fewer families)

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

One of Oregon’s most famous jewelers, LaRog Brothers Jewelers, is closing both Portland area locations after an incredible 113 years.

Little was said in the media and by LaRog.

Here is what we know.

Last year, another famous jewelry shop, Marigules, closed after 90 years.  They were bold enough to place a two-page ad in the Oregonian blasting the rise in crime in Oregon.

Knudtson’s Jewelries, closed after 136 years. The owner said it was time to retire, but the media took time to note on the impact of crime saying, “The repeated break-ins and burglaries she’s had to deal with over the years, which cost her money and tried her patience.”

It matters when stores are broken into by shoplifting mobs and people using cars to ram the doors of shops in the middle of the night.   This ends up spiking insurance costs and security demands.

For LaRog Brothers Jewelry, while Covid kept them shut, the politicians help pass an income tax increase and business tax increase.  Also, Oregon’s largest tax increase (2019 Corporate Activities Tax) kicked in during the pandemic.   That is three massive taxes while shops were forced to shut their doors.

Family flight is another reason why it is hard to run a jewelry store.

Oregon is losing both youth and young families in the population loss.  Young people are the customers who buy engagement rings and wedding rings.   Oregon liberal policies are chasing them away.

You can’t run a jewelry store with declining customers, higher taxes and more crime.

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