Lars Larson: Teacher strike ends. What really happened

By Lars Larson,
NW and national radio host,

The return of Portland school children to classrooms marks one of the only GOOD things about the end of a ridiculous strike by teachers.

I say ridiculous because the teachers’ labor union made demands for hundreds of millions of dollars that simply didn’t exist.

I say ridiculous because the union’s demands don’t benefit the kids at all.

The union wanted more money and got it. That doesn’t help your kids

The union wanted more prep time and less teaching. That doesn’t help your kids.

The union promised smaller class sizes that might have helped kids a bit, but quickly caved in on THAT and compromised.

The compromise KEEPS bigger class sizes but adds more PAY for teachers with bigger classes. Helps union members…doesn’t do jack for your kids.

Now, after weeks out of class, students must cut short their Christmas holiday and try to catch up.

Schools that, by the way, have one of the highest dropout rates in America and one of the shortest school years anywhere.

Schools that routinely see the majority of students fail to test “proficient” in the core learning.

Schools that award diplomas to kids who can’t read, write or do ‘rithmatic.

But teachers who score big fat paychecks for part-time jobs.