Open question: Is ‘magic mushroom’ pilot getting off easy?

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The Alaska Airlines off-duty pilot, Joseph Emerson, who tried to crash a plane mid-flight because he was suffering from disillusion over a taking magic mushrooms a few days prior is back in the news. He was originally charged with 83 counts of attempted murder. A grand jury has reduced that to 83 counts of recklessly endangerment. As a result he may be only serving 6 years in prison.

This raises a difficult question we leave to our readers.

Is this the call for a person who was likely not in control of his own mind? Should he spend 20, 30 years in prison for this incident?

Or is this more soft-on-crime mentality which makes it easier for others to put nearly a 100 people in danger and use the excuse that they were under the influence to escape the consequences?

Please replay on social media or email us a response below.

P.S. Sometimes we do not have all the answers, and we do not wish to act like we do.  We enjoy getting feedback and insight from our supporters to share their opinions.