Portland teacher union hosts anti-Israel events

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


Portland Association of Teachers, fresh off a 3-week strike, has been promoting Anti-Israel events on Facebook and hosting an event at its headquarters. The Portland Association of Teacher union has already called for a ceasefire, which even the media and Biden administration admit overwhelmingly helps Hamas and handicaps Israel.

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Check out the great comments on Facebook:

The Teacher Union told the Willamette Week that they are “creating safe, welcoming and inclusive spaces for all.”   But how can this be a safe space when when the event criticizes Israel as a “Zionist” (illegal) state?   And the Portland Association of Teachers allows pro-Hamas supporters to join the recent teacher strike chanting “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” which means the elimination of the Israeli state for Jewish people.

The Willamette Week has more on this story.

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