720 teachers skip school after strike

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

This week 720 teachers and 9,000 students were absent from school following the 3-week Portland teacher strike.   In order to make up for lost days during the strike, this Christmas break week was turned into a school week, although it quickly became effectively optional as the district allowed people to miss it.   This way, the school can count the week as official school days and fulfill the legal state law requirement of a school day even though many people stayed home.

Do the math.

— Oregon public schools are among the shortest school years in America.

— Oregon teachers are among the highest paid (nation’s #13 highest, $70,000+)

— Therefore, the higher paid teachers who work among the fewest days in America, just took three weeks off to strike for higher pay, and left students with an entire week of useless school days, for which they were already were weeks behind their peers in other states.

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