Lars Larson: Departing school chief gets an F

By Lars Larson,
NW and national radio host

Guess what happens when political correctness and affirmative action come first and your child’s education second?

Guadalupe Guerrero!

Double G just announced he’s leaving Portland Public Schools after 6 and a half years…and salary over that time of more than 2 million dollars…and the schools are worse off than ever.

Yet, nearly every news story mentions he’s the first Latino Superintendent to lead the district.

And where did he lead it?

Well, the school board told him to improve reading for 3rd graders and especially minority kids.  Instead, it got worse.

The Pandemic put kids behind and GG didn’t have a plan to make up the losses.

Then the recent record strike by teachers, with the final salary deal one the district already admits it can’t afford, so cuts are coming and more failure for your kids.

But by then, Double G will be gone.

This failed employee leaves not with a pink slip, but with glowing accolades and a public employee PERS pension based on his salary of $341,000 a year.

Portland got the virtue signaling it wanted and your kids get to pay the bill with what they didn’t learn.

Guadalupe Guerrero, good riddance.