A personal thanks to you Catalyst fans :)

By Jason Williams
Oregon Catalyst founder,

I wish I could see your face … and thank you and everyone individually for visiting our site.   It means more than you know to me and our team of volunteers.

Our analytics says we hit 1,000 to 2,000 unique people every day — an extraordinary number.

We had fun this year.

Look how we upset The Oregonian because we raised the alarm on a homeless-can-sleep-anywhere bill.

The Oregonian Chief Editor said,“…last weekend’s flurry of news coverage was sparked by an April 21 post by Taxpayers Association of Oregon on its Oregon Catalyst website.“HB 3501 creates a “right to rest” and would expand the rights of homeless trespassing…Then, CNN got in on the action … Not to miss out, Fox News weighed in..More than 2,200 Oregonians rushed to submit statements of opposition ahead of the hearing… Jason Williams, founder of Taxpayers Association of Oregon, nevertheless thinks his group provided a service. “


I know our audience is among the most devoted political minds in Oregon.

How do I know?

Well, the fact that nearly 1,000 people viewed the article 7 silly signs of Portland on Christmas Day, was on one hand impressive and the other hand quite concerning.   I mean, who takes time out of Christmas Day to check for latest political updates from Oregon?  Our audience, that’s who!   That is dedication, folks.   These are the vigilant watchtowers over your rights.

Thank you for all that you do.  It means so much.

A lot of my personal life is on this website.  For instance, this year, I was able to get inside Ukraine to do charity work.  I wrote a 7-part series on my eye witness account.  When thousands of students descended upon a college campus for a 14-day, 24-hour religious awakening movement, I got on a plane to fly there and interview the students.  I was blown away at the positivity and power of GenZ and wrote about my findings.  I came away with renewed hope for America.  When I personally witnessed anti-Israel vandalism in Portland, I documented it with photos and put it on this website which is sometimes the only place it can be seen.  I greatly fear for what will happen if we let anti-Semitism threats grow in our neighborhoods without anyone reporting on it.

Having a big audience should remind you that you are not alone.

We are in this together.

We may not always win, but nothing the liberals will do can stop us from making countless cartoons on their silly behavior.

I hope we made you laugh!!!