Hidden taxes: Lawmakers passed 185 fee hikes, $47M

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon Foundation,

Oregon lawmakers in 2023 quietly passed 185 fee increases (increasing existing fees and new fees) totaling $47 million in higher costs.

Having 47 agriculture fee increases only makes our local food more expensive to grow and buy, and is one reason why the prices are so high in your grocery store.  This comes hard on farmers, like Oregon potato farmers who had a potato price crash in 2023.   These farmers pay higher fees on a catastrophic financial loss year.

Oregon has the nation’s 13th most expensive gas tax, which should garner enough funds to fix potholes and build roads, yet the state added over 30 transportation fees costing Oregon taxpayers $21 million dollars.

Adding 77 fee increases to hospitals, clinics, and the health industry is why your health insurance costs are so high in Oregon.

These 185 fee increases are making you poorer, shrinking your paycheck, limiting your freedom, and decreasing your quality of life.