TSA dogs trip up Oregonians on this unforeseen event

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The show, To Catch a Smuggler, featured a 2-minute clip with a lady from Oregon who accidentally got tripped at the airport by TSA dogs on her out-of-state travels.

The TSA drug-sniffing dog was able to detect marijuana that had once been in her purse.   Their canine noses are that powerful. She was pulled aside and had her purse searched which produced nothing.  The woman confessed she smoked “when in Oregon”, which is not a crime.

This is a good travel advisory for Oregonians who travel, to be mindful of what has been in their luggage.  Especially since Portland Airport has been using more TSA dogs in their security check.   Any delay in our travel can often mean a missed flight.

We cued the video below (12:20) to the 2-minute segment where this story takes place.

We hope you enjoyed this unusual public service announcement.

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